Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Passing on the faith

Boo Boo, my cat, just settled in, as if to tell me it's time to write a new blog. But on what? Well, I'll go back a week or so.

I decided to go to a religious conference ("Passing on the faith) sponsored, in part, by our church. I took Friday off of work to do this. So I went and the strange thing is that I felt like "the person in the wheelchair" there. People never know how to react to the wheelchair. These people do not have bad intentions. On lady said "are you going to be in that thing FOREVER?" ok...and hello to you too. Then another woman said, "It's SO great that you can be here today," with the tone that somehow I barely got out of bed and made it. A bunch of little stuff. Then there was this piano teacher I knew from my days playing the piano. She was always at the competitions and was always a calming force for me, even though she wasn't my teacher. I saw her at the conference and exclaimed "Hi!" But she didn't remember me. She probably wouldn't have remembered me even without the wheelchair. But that just amplified things. She knew me as the pianist, out of the wheelchair. In the wheelchair, she didn't know how to react to me.

So there I sat, thinking I didn't want to be there; I wanted to be home with my daughter; I wanted to be out riding my handcycle in the spring air. And so I left. I went home to my daughter. After a bit of time I went and rode my handcycle. And there I was--out in nature. God was there--I could feel that presence. That was where I was supposed to be.

God, guide me to where I can feel your presence.

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