Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keeping the faith...

I don't know why I titled this one in this way--it's some random thoughts. Holy Week is coming. I'm feeling a need to pause (don't know how!), but I'd really like to go read this awesome book my pastor leant me which is helping me. And I feel most at peace when, before services at church, we take a few moments to pause and get ready to worship. I love that pause--it is when I most pause, relax, and just let myself be.

This past week has in a sense been difficult--faced with the unknown--do I have MS or not--it's like re-living right before I was diagnosed the first time. I consider how I will feel I am diagnosed with something else. Alternativelty, I consider how I will feel if the diagnosis comes back again as MS. In any case, I think maybe it will be a WHAM! feeling. And hopefully then I will have time to pause and reflect.

Today my daughter wanted to take the dog for a walk we did. Her hair flew behind her--long and so beautiful. Those times with her--watching her run, hearing her giggle, are so precious.

God, help me through these next 2 weeks and help me to find the time to pause and reflect.



Hi happened upon your blog because of the mention of MS which I also have. I have an MS Blogger project going on at my place. Please come check it and participate if you desire.

Brass and Ivory

ms'er faith said...

I heard of that and will check it out. They did some bloodwork to see if I have MS since there were no lesions on my brain, but it came back negative so I'm back to having MS.