Monday, January 7, 2008

God's presence and life on the ski slopes!

It's been an eventful couple of days!

Today was an exciting day because I went skiing! I bi-ski up at Breckenridge in Colorado, and last year, maybe the year before, became a ski addict. I love it! Today I went off tether for the first time ever on a blue slope, and of course it didn't go so well, but I tried it! So that's step one.

Yesterday I went to church and our pastor gave a sermon and asked us to think of the strangest place where we had felt the presence of God. So I really haven't felt the presence of God in surprising places. When I was diagnosed with MS and went to talk with my then pastor, that was the first time I really felt the presence of God. There have been other times too--at home, most recently at a funeral. But then I got to wondering, where is God sometimes? I'm thinking wouldn't it be great to feel that presence on the ski-slopes? Or when I'm making an important decision? In a sense I know God is there because some things happen in life that make no sense elsewise, or there's a decision that just "feels" right. I read in a book that sometimes people who really suffer, and I put myself in that group because MS is really, really hard, every day, are the ones with the strongest faith, and I do feel that my faith is strong.

When I went skiing I was staying in a motel, and of course it was snowing when I arrived and I had to get my wheelchair from the back of my car and assemble it. And of course all these ski types walked by and didn't offer to help. I think I need a sign--"I'm about to fall down and will you notice when I'm lying on the ground?" That's because when it's sunny, when I feel good, there are all these offers for help. But during the Christmas season, or when it snows, so many people just walk by me when I'm obviously struggling. And some lady stood there yesterday just watching me while waiting for her husband. So in all the snow and slush, somehow I managed to assemble and sit in the wheelchair without biffing it. Then I wheeled up and the woman who had been staring at me--her husband had now pulled up his car, blocking the ramp to the motel. So I wheeled over and just sat there, looking at them. And he said, "Oh, am I blocking your way?" I dunno--look around--what do you think??? So then he was very nice and helped me into the hotel and then some other guy helped me get all my stuff into the hotel.

So my point? There are these clueless people out there who say the silliest things and maybe where is God then? Well, humans are not perfect and nor is life, but I am thankful I got the opportunity to go to the mountains, to go skiing, to be with all my ski buddies up there.

Thank you, God, for allowing me these opportunities, and for being with me even when I cannot feel your presence.

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