Friday, January 20, 2012

Songs that change

Every year a man named James Hersch comes to our church to do a concert and then sings at and between services on Sunday mornings. If you live in the Denver area, it's at Holy Love Lutheran Church, 2410 S. Chambers Rd. in Aurora... Sat, Jan 28th at 7:30pm and Sunday, Jan 29th at 8:30am, 11am, and between the two services. Advertisement: check.

I found some old CDs in my huge van recently and one has some of his songs. I was listening to them this week - they're the type of songs that may have a different meaning for each person. What I realized this week is that the meaning of the songs can also change for each person, depending on what is happening in life.

On one CD, the song "The River Flows" hit me in a different way. I love to watch streams and how they flow... the song says "It's the hand of God that pulls that river; it's the hand of God that makes that change... but no one knows where the river flows." The river is always changing - I used to think of adapting to the changes in MS, where the rocks are the obstacles imposed by MS. But no one knows where the river flows, so right now it's flowing smoothly.

Then I ran across another CD entitled "Worship Songs" (note: not all of his songs are religious). I had forgotten these songs. It has a song about "the water runs through you," which tells me to follow my heart. In the middle, a song called "Be Still" came on. It's a song about somewhat making deals with God - not bad deals - "I said give me strength, and I will do your will..." but ends each section with "Be Still," says the Lord. That really hit me. To be still can change so much based on life's cirsumstances, but I've made a decision and I'm ready to go! I'm ready! But as I ask God in more subtle ways than "give me this," God says "all good things come to those who wait, but here I am, trying to make a deal. Waiting on the good things is not an easy task, won't you teach me to be still." And while being still at one point might have been waiting for a new MS medication, now the meaning has changed. I'm ready to go, but... be still.

In so many areas of life we rush, here and there, chasing dreams. But taking those moments to be still allows reflection, before we launch out into whatever awaits us. And what awaits us is always changing. Be still.



hikerrev said...

Holy Love is at 4210 S. Chambers Road ... if you go to 2410, you'll find yourself at a bmx track, which looks fun, but isn't where James Hersch will be.

ms'er faith said...

thanks for the correction!!!