Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Healing service at church tonight.

One may think of going to the front to heal sickness,
their own or that of someone else.

Sickness of a medical state for most.
Maybe some contemplate me needing healing for my MS.

But I'm fine with my MS - in a sense, I don't need healing there.

Where I do need healing is in the words of others
that have stung.

I need to be healed from those words to move on.

Ideally I would get to forgiveness, but I'm not there yet.

So I need healing where I am sick,
where words have stung
where I am asked to be a voice but no one listens.

So God, can you heal me for this and more.

Healing - sometimes it feels impossible.



Tom Weber said...

Forgiveness is the toughest! Your blog words are beautiful, insightful, inspiring, and have given me reason to stop and examine my own life and actions many times. Thank You.

Clare said...

Yes forgivness if hard but God will help you through it and guide you.