Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where are they?

Devastating images from Japan,
buildings toppled,
cities flooded,
residents scrambling
wearing masks.

Streets are in ruin.
Things are broken,
streets are broken.
Water is everywhere.
People are rescued from housetops.

Remember 9-11.
People were running from the scene.
Mouths were covered to avoid the dust.

It is said the poor are the worst affected.

But where are they, many of whom are also poor?

Are they in hospitals?
Hospitals in Japan are flooded to the fourth floor.

Where are they?
They are often absent in media anyway.
They are still absent.

I read the likelihood that many of them survived is unlikely.
They were told to wait for help on a high floor of the World Trade Center.
That building crumbled as they sat, waiting for help.

They can't make it to the rooftop.
They may be on those bottom fourth floors of the hospitals that are flooded.
They can't navigate uneven pavement.
They can't navigate around all the wreckage.

And so they are not seen, because often they may not even begin to be able to seek help.

We pray for all those who are affected by this disaster, many of whom have lost their lives.
We pray especially for the poor during this time.
Let us not forget to pray for those who we haven't seen.
Many may have lost their lives as well.
Many may be stuck unable to navigate to ask for help.

Let us pray for those with disabilities.
We don't see them.
Where are they?
Let us pray.


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