Sunday, March 20, 2011

Faith journey

Part of what I said in church, or intended to say - we're doing testimonials during Lent ...

I was baptized by my grandfather as a very small infant. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away when I was a small infant, so I never knew him personally.

I've always had a strong faith, but I can't trace my faith journey as a child or a teenager back to any one person who inspired or influenced me in faith. So, I can only think it must have been my grandfather - knowing he baptized me and was a minister, hearing a few stories of him, and when I asked, getting one of his many bibles (which is now well worn).

Some people wonder, or ask, how I can still have strong faith when I was diagnosed with MS at a young age (20). I was in college in Ohio, far away from my family in Colorado. It was hard, very hard, but I went to an amazing school (Kenyon College) where I had the support of great friends. But it was still hard and I reached to our minister on campus. We met on the beautiful campus, in the beautiful chapel - in the basement - him, his secretary, and me. We prayed together, we were still together, we took everything in together. And that's one of the 2 most profound times in my life where I've sensed being held. And then I knew I would be ok, no matter what happened.

Life moved on - MS is no fun - but there are so many good things in life. I got married and had a daughter, Lori. We joined Holy Love and I found what had been missing for me - a faith community.

So I look back and I've always felt that God is with me. I don't believe that God gave me MS because I could handle it, or because it's part of some great plan, because God is good. God is with me through everything - bad and good - and there's a lot of good. There's a new medicine which is helping me do a lot of things better.

So my faith journey continues. I don't know where life will go. I do know that God will be with me. I take time to be still - to pray - to pause. Then I'm at peace - and God is right there.

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