Sunday, June 13, 2010

How can this be bad?

When I lived in Minnesota, I dated a guy (note, good thing it ended!) who was from a small town. Once we were going through a drive through. He had this look of being mad all of a sudden on his face, for no reason. He was staring at the car ahead of us. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Do you see _that_?" he replied. So I looked again, not seeing much of anything, but then reconsidering this guy. Oh.......... (in MN the "o" is much more pronounced... I see. There's a black guy - like the ones he says hang out at the Rec Center all day playing basketball and gathering government assistance - he says - it's just they're there when he goes to swim mid-day. And wow - next to him is - gasp - (note sarcasm) - a blond Caucasian! Oh my - we have quite the scandal in rural MN!

I thought this kind of stuff was pretty much non-existent until very recently. And it's a bit intriguing because I grew up in one of those 99% white communities. But I dated someone who was hispanic and someone who was black and didn't think twice about it. And an awesome runner's parents were from Africa - no big deal.

My maid of honor - her parents are from Bangledesh - she married someone here who is Caucasian and of Europpean decent. My boss is Brazilian/Indian. A woman I know is married to someone who is black. They all have beautiful, wonderful kids. My college roommate married someone decended from the Philippines. On and on and on...

So why is this such a big deal? I just don't get it. Some say their kids will have a hard time - I don't see that.

Will we ever really move to acceptance?

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