Friday, December 18, 2009


Yesterday was my first day back skiing for the season--season #8. Before I left I was worried because truly things are chaotic at work; life has been busy at home; I have not had time to get ready for Christmas; and I have not had time to experience Advent the way I want to experience it. But off I went.

Amazingly, I left work behind. I only had brief thoughts of work all day. And I wheeled into the ski office that I love, where I feel accepted, where I drop my disability at the door and consider my abilities. As much as I try to give, I really feel like the people up there give, give, and give more, and they love it. Somehow it is rewarding to them. We are "average" people there and find it funny to observe the people who wear designer ski outfits, and come down the hill, out of controlr, yelling, "help me!!!!!!!!" I roll into the ski office and everyone says hello and seems so happy to be there. That is giving. I give, but I wish I could give like that--loving every moment of it.

The day was successful--my best first start. And that was through giving. My ex-track coach, Jean Ann, once said "you could have won that race. You know that, right?" And there I was on the slope, struggling with self-confidence that can plague me. And Jean Ann, who I think of often as she struggles with ALS, came into my mind. I didn't win that race, but I CAN make it down these slopes without panicking. It is possible. As Jean Ann's shirt for raising funds says, "All things are possible." And so I did it--turned things around and found some confidence.

Thanks be to God for all the good people do. It makes the world a better place. Help me to do as much good as I can.

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Clare said...

Confidence is so important.
So glad you had a great first day.

Thanks be to God indeed.