Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where are we being called?

In the most recent newsletter from our church, this was a question posed--where is God calling us? It was somewhat timely as I'm been trying to figure that out. There have been times when I've felt this strong pull from God, strong direction, strong urgency to listen. But for some reason that is not now. I find myself going through normal routines and wonder what has changed and why do I not full that same tug or pull.

Perhaps I'm not listening and life has become so chaotic that it is difficult to find time to slow down, pause, stop, and think. That's true. I used to write more in this blog diary of mine. But now I find myself getting up, rushing to work, working chaotically to get things done, not taking breaks, rushing to get my daughter from school, take her to activities, do homework, help her learn to read or stop writing numbers backward, doing schoolwork, trying to find my exercise time... What happened?!! It seems things have changed and become rushed and when there is time to slow down, I'm out of energy to the point I wonder what is the easiest thing I can make for dinner with some semblance of nutrition in it?

So, I hope things change. I'm not sure how they will. I keep looking for ways. Maybe God will at some point give me a tug and say "PAUSE...BREATHE...THINK..." Because really, for this cycle of busy-ness to end, I think it will take some yank from outside the "norm."


Clare said...

I know when I dont take time to listen and talk to God things go wrong and become hectic and chaotic.
Maybe God is telling tyou to slow down and you just cant hear Him.
Have some quiet time with the Lord then you will hear Him and the comfort and guidance He brings.

Clare xx

ms'er faith said...

Maybe something has to change, something has to hit me to make me slow down. I wonder what that something might be.