Saturday, November 7, 2009

20 years

Today I returned to my hometown of Ft. Collins to watch the state cross-country running meet. 20 years ago we won that meet for the first time, and this year they won it again (the 6th time).

I remember when we won for different reasons. I remember being so excited that we won and that I had my best time. But mixed with the excitement was this strange feeling of fatigue I had that day that was different from the usual runners fatigue. And then at some point soon after that, I woke up and my legs felt like pins and needles--like they were asleep. I told no one, but those were the first symptoms of MS. They went away within a few weeks and my celebration never stopped during that time.

It's amazing that I ran my best time to date right then. It's amazing I ignored the pins and needles feelings.

It's amazing I still remember what it feels like to run. MS may take away my ability, but I don't think it can ever take away that feeling. And it can never take away that state championship which is priceless.

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Clare said...

What wonderful memories.
MS can take away alot of things, but you have it right never let it take over your life, it wins then.