Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To ask, to observe, to help

A friend and I have been corresponding back and forth and realize that we have a problem! We both have MS--lately she's had some financial difficulties stemming from her MS while I've had some physical difficulties stemming from my MS.

So apparently we each go through this thought process in terms of asking for help. Who should I ask? Am I bothering themz? Is this going to work if I do ask? Will thy think I'm a slacker? Well, what the heck--why doesn't anyone notice I'm struggling? Why doesn't anyone ask if they can help? Asking and observing.

With my mom going through chemo, my "assistant" may be on hold at various points. So therefore, the house seemed to be falling apart. I would come home exhausted and just look at our disastrous living room--yuck! Kids stuff everywhere. And I needed my clothes moved to transition seasons. Who to ask to help? My mom was able to come yesterday and so the problem got delayed.

But why is it so hard to ask for help? But then why is it so hard to oberve that people need help?

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