Sunday, June 1, 2008

What pain?

This is a somewhat interesting time for me. I was having some trouble with my legs excessively jumping at night, and then feeling very achy the next morning. And every time I would get up, my legs wiuld just shake--that is called clonus. I called my doc and he put me on a strange taper dose of steroids, because I told him this did feel like a flare, kind of, but not completely.

Steroids are just odd and make me think what kind of pain do I want? On steroids, nothing really tastes good; I get constant esophagus burning and use milk for that; emotions are right on the surface. So there's those "steroid pains." But the steroids take other pains away. No more legs jumping at night (of course, steroids also make me wake up at night), no more achy legs, not as much clonus. Whenever I am on steroids I wake up in the morning, lie there, and think "Huh, so this is what it is like for other people." My legs are calm--they aren't jumping and they don't hurt.

I'm only on these steroids for a brief time--well, actually 2 weeks because the dosage is lower. But it makes me think of which pains and annoyances are more important. Hopefully this round of medicine will make some of these symptoms go away.

Time for bed!

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