Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the still of the night

We're (our family) back from Disney World, which is fun although crowded, people everywhere, excitement everywhere. Each morning and night I had to find time to walk with the new Bioness. I have to walk 15 or 20 minutes each morning and night, and then I have to sit with the device on me in "therapy" mode, where it stimulates leg muscles (and that feels really good, strangely). And if you know me, you can bet I did this walking ritual every morning and night.

The night was the best time to walk - though everyone, including me, was tired, it was the time when things were most quiet. One night, Dave and Lori were asleep, it was midnight, at last, quiet.

Our hotel had outside hallways - long ones; I could also circle the hotel.

The pool was closed. Quiet.

There were people, but fewer. It was light (lit hallways), and it was safe to be out alone, at midnight, walking.

The world finally felt still.

On the midnight walk night, everything was right.

A cool breeze... the heat of the day had passed.

Walking, walking, walking... alone with my thoughts, time to think.

Strange being there, the week before Holy Week, with no sign of Lent anywhere. I'd expect this, but it was still strange.

At odds with the world then... contemplating Lent, walking at midnight as others slept.

Amid the chaos, I found peace, even in the walking, which looks chaotic, but brought me to peace.

In the still of the night my thoughts continued, my walking continued, and I was happy for a break from the "chaos" that is simply the enormity of Disney World.

I finished. 30 minutes without stopping, in the still of the night.

At peace.


Ann Lewis Maher said...

You took me right back to Disney, last February, when my girls took "Grandma K" along for a wonderful vacation. Stacy ran the Princess half-marathon - have you seen the pictures? Beth, you continue to amaze, inspire and make me proud to know you. Have a blessed Easter with your family!! Ann M

Clare said...

Its good to get away from the choas of the world from time to time. xx