Saturday, February 18, 2012


When I was diagnosed with MS, I was just starting to run again (because MS is such and up and down disease). So I ran a ton, but I also biked. I went home that summer and bought a new bike, and would ride the bike all over central Ohio, especially the summer between my junior and senior years - run in the morning, bike at night. Kenyon College is in a beautiful area, and in any direction there was a beautiful ride waiting for me.

Many years later I got a handcycle, so I have used that for a few years although I hurt my shoulder and have had to cut back on that.

Before shoulder surgery, I got a recumbant bike "thing" for at home. It's a small machine with pedals and it has a motor. I can turn it on and then there's an adjustable knob that makes the pedals move, slower or faster. It got hidden while I finished my Masters. But I took it out a few weeks ago and set it up in our living room so our house looks even more like a rehab center than a house. There's the bike, the therapy bands hooked to the banister, the standing frame (I sit on a seat and crank it up until I am standing straight and it holds me in place), the big therapy ball, ... When Lori's friends are here, we have the coolest house with so many cool toys!

A therapist had set up the pedals on this bike so my feet don't slide out. So I've been biking! Feet go in pedals, motor turned up, go! Then I pretend that really I am moving the pedals, and I am doing some work. But when the timer runs out and the motor stops, I realize I'm not doing a lot of the work. But I do enjoy biking again. It's not beautiful, central Ohio, but it's something.

We just got our daughter a new bike for her birthday and will give it to her on Monday. Then she and I can bike together this summer. I'll use my handcyle. But one just never knows - maybe someday I'll ride a "real" bike again.

Never give up on dreams.


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geezerman said...

Looking forward to the day you can join Matthew and me on The Fuller Center ride. Or, we could join you on the MS ride. How awesome would that be.