Friday, June 17, 2011

Sit there.

It's sometimes really funny to look back on something.

"OK, Beth. Just sit there."

"Right...... there......... (on that seat thing) ???"

Imagine a narrow seat that becomes one of those adaptive exam tables. Or just imagine a chair, with a flat seat and no arm rests, just sitting in the middle of the room. That's where I was told to sit.

I froze a bit. Wait. There - that seat - no arm rests - no curvature to help with balance - just in case I didn't "stick" the landing. Ummmm...

I had already walked up to the doctor's office. There were 2 sets of elevators and a long hallway. I was strong enough to do that. Amazingly, I wasn't that tired. But this seat...

"Don't worry about it. You don't have to. It's fine." That was the nurse.

No, see now that those words were spoken, I most definitely had to.

And so... (drum roll?) ... I sat. And that was that. I stuck the landing.

I have been sticking landings when I sit, but there's always something there, just in case.

So there I was.

"You can sit back now."

Oh no, now that I have stuck this landing and am sitting here straight, I'm not going to lean back and relax.

The appointment went on - perhaps the best parts are not talking about my MS, or laughing about something, or talking about the good things that are happening where I am showing MS that I have found competition for it - the competition is winning. MS is losing.

"Hold your arms up like this." That's the doctor. What? Now I have to take my hands off my lap and let go? Strangely, I let go. Not perfect, but I did let go, on the "sit there" seat.

My daughter and I left the appointment. We took the elevators down. We went to the lab, back to the other elevators, and down to the parking. At one point I thought I should sit and have my daughter pull me.

No. If I could stick that landing, I could keep walking.

I made it to the car.

And now I know, I can sit...


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Anonymous said...

Good use of the term "stick the landing!" Awesome!!!!