Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy birthday Lori!

(Enter one doctor)
"No, you can't.
You need to do ..........
That's impossible."

(Enter my favorite rehab doc, months later)
Me: "I'm pregnant."

Him: "Congratulations."
He really meant it.

Him: "Go to Alaska. Have a great time.
Come back and we'll go from there.
You will be fine."

And so began Lori.

MS in chaos.

MS calmed.

Lori born. (Feb 20)

Symptoms of MS weren't as bad.

I tell her she is a miracle.

I think she is sick of hearing this.

But she is... a miracle.

Never say can't.

Start with some kind of "can" and go from there.

8 years old.

I wouldn't change a thing.

I always wanted a daughter.

She is a true gift.


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