Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stories upon Stories

With each skiing trip it seems I could tell 1,000 stories or more - good, bad, interesting, ...

- How does everyone make it through the worst weather on roads and then spin out when the roads finally improve?

- How is disability "dropped at the door" every time I go skiing? How does the BOEC (adaptive program) do that?

- Volunteers at the BOEC - they give so much - they give it weekly - they are amazing.

- Let's just ski. At some point, the instruction must atop, despite bad habits, and the skier must just ski. I did that. It was ugly, but I finished.

- There are lots of helpful people out there. They hold the door and wait while I meander up the sidewalk. They are the hotel staff who quickly make staying up there worth it by helping. I'm grateful.

- My daughter told me to just take the walker into the hotel. No wheelchair. I did it (see previous note on hotel help!)

- Another blog could be written on how we treat each other. There is so much kindness. On the roads, there is so much anger and chaos which is probably why there were so many spin-outs, emergency lights, etc. Even after seeing all this, there were still angry people doing things that could result in more road problems.

- I was listening to a radio show on how the AZ shooting means we're all going to think about treating each other better while I was driving through the behavior in the previous bullet point. Really, it's not just the politicians. It's everyone. Think about it.

- As I was ending day 2 of great skiing, I thought of my friend Jean Ann. "You could have won that race." That's what went through my head as I was tired. Each turn - I wanted to win it. And then I let go at the end and went straight down the hill to finish. Imagination works wonders. I saw her smiling at me. It's good I had goggles because there were tears.

- I finished day 2 by seeing Jean Ann smiling. Then Lori was right in front of me. It doesn't get any better than that.

- "Just take the helmet, Beth." Yes! I get my favorite helmet. It's really a piece of junk probably. But it's the "lucky" helmet, and I love it. So I have my totally prized, probably junky, all scratched up, lucky helmet.

- Through the good, bad, and ugly, God was there. And I bet God, assuming a sense of humor, laughed quite a bit.

- Each of these bullets could be a longer story, but it's time to stop.



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