Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Important Now

That's what our cross country and track coach used to ask/tell us - when it was time for prom (staying up all night - which we did anyway) versus getting sleep so we could train and run well (which we also did anyway). But I think about it sometimes - days like today - when it comes down to the fact that family, friends, and faith are most important to me. So today, in somewhat coded language, although I bet it really doesn't matter.

Calm legs - do I have to get up?

Ahhhhhhh... feels good to get up! The cool floor removes the feeling of my feet burning.

Uh oh - it is already hot when I get Nemo, the wheelchair, out of my car at 10.

"Our scores have really gone up the last 3 years." Another person looks at me and smiles. I've been here 3 years. He and I know why. That smile means more than anything.

It's hot. I put Nemo in the car.

10 more minutes. I now need to get Nemo out. It's hot. Rubberband legs. I am exhausted. Get me out of the heat.

Get Larry, the brace off. Get both shoes off now. My feet are on fire!

Check phone and email. Problem. Here comes the bus - whoa - I've been under it, unknowingly, for over an hour, while I was trying to survive the heat.

I must be nice to climb out from under the bus. Getting under there was not nice. In fact, it is shocking it was done. I hope I don't act like that. Maybe I'd be further along if I did. I'd rather not be further along then, if I have to act like that. I won't change to be like that.

I walk. I still do leg lifts. Is Jean Ann ok? Not sure. No real news.

I go to put Nemo in the car. The trunk doesn't shut all the way and it's still hot. This is more complicated than anyone can imagine.

I get Lori. We are both tired. TV time!

30 minutes later, time for soccer.

Lori is fast and not afraid. I see her former daycare provider. We talk. Lori plays. Dave comes to watch. We all have fun.

It is cooler. Tomorrow is a new day.

What's important now are my friends, my family, and God helping me get through this day.

Searching for peace amongst chaos.

Yesterday I tapped my left foot for the first time in forever - I don't recall when. This is lost in everything else.

Good job.
Under the bus.
Jean Ann.
Calm the storm.

Thanks be to God. I made it. Somewhere there is peace... searching...

It's a journey where I laugh, cry, and wonder why, why, why...

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