Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The unseen

Invisible God, we pray for all of humanity that you so wondrously created. Today we pray especially for those people in our lives and communities whom we don't see - those who are sick and shut in, those who we pass by and choose not to see, those who we don't even realize are missing from our sight. Bless them Lord. Remind them that they are precious in your sight, and that you see them even when we don't. Amen.
Courtesy of Sojourner's "Verse and Voice" 8/25/10

So many different ways to think about it. Lately, it seems like most of my friends with disabilities are having or have had more trouble. I suppose it can go with the "disability" territory. So to me... the unseen by me or others...

- the friend who communicates with her eyes from Texas
- the person who felt shut in after surgery and found it necessary to "escape" the situation
- the many people who are not seen because of disability
- the same people who are not seen and many times not noticed
- the people I don't see for whatever reason
- the friends who will be going to the hospital to help pain associated with their disability where the disability is unseen and thus, often not believed
- so many others outside of strictly disability

They are all precious and God is with them through their journeys.


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