Thursday, August 6, 2009


My poor diary had to suffer while I "suffered through Administrative Law. But I survived!

On Facebook, I copied and pasted this neat idea where people can post memories. It was fun and interesting to see what people remembered about me...

- pushing me down the church hall, in Bart (my walker).
- many years back, when no one knew why I had trouble walking, and remembering wondering why the doctors didn't talk to each other--that might have led to something
- my passion for education surrounding people with disabilities.
- some things I don't remember, because life has brought me so much, good and bad.
- funny memories from right after high school.
- a recent handcycling memory.
- me visiting someone in the hospital, which was a surprise to the person but such things are important to me.

Memories span a lifetime--the good, the bad, the ugly, and the unknown. Hopefully, more happy memories are to be made. And though I often forget, God is there, supporting me through each and every one of them.

Thanks be to God.

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Clare said...

God is behind and working in all your memories whether good or bad. They shape us and mould us to become more Christ like.