Monday, September 15, 2008

My mom, my rock

I guess this is one of those diary entries, but yet I need to write it.

Since I was diagnosed with MS, my mom has always been there for me. She always listens; we always talk; I can tell her anything. She is my rock--my best friend. She has been coming once a week for quite awhile, to care for Lori, and to help around the house. She does my laundry and that of my daughter's. She waters plants for me. She teaches Lori some of the things I cannot teach Lori. My husband doesn't seem to understand all this, the needs I have, the help I need. Nor, I think, do most people. But this isn't about my needs.

Last week I came home from work and my mom told me she needed to tell me something, and that I would be jealous. She was being funny and it was strange. And then she told me, and I know more today, as one thing led to another. My mom has breast cancer. Tomorrow she'll find the stage of it and determine what treatment to pursue. My mom. My rock. The person who I thought may never age.

She will most likely come through this fine. She has a great attitude and wants to get on with life. I know this is possible. But this rock, this person who was not vulnerable. Why? And what a year it has been, with my dad getting through prostate cancer after being diagnosed last November. So, parents age. I never thought they would. I am still digesting everything.

Friends will say what can they do to help? I don't know. Perhaps give me a hug. Definitely say prayers for my mom. Help me to know that I won't be alone. I don't know how anyone can do that. Give me hope. Help me to find some way to exist without my rock, as she will need time to heal. Is this possible? God has always helped me through tough times. I am hoping this will be one of those, where I feel help.

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