Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Life of Meaning

That's the title of a book I've been reading. I saw it on Sojourner's, but then the Forward was by Tom Brokaw, so at that point I HAD to have it!!! Now I have it, and it has a valuable place on "the bench," where I put on my shoes on in the morning, and tend to collapse when I get home. This book is compilation of interviews and writings with various people of various faiths. It's great because all the entries are short, so when I have 10 or so minutes of collapse time, there's something to do (I hate just sitting there). One of the first essays--maybe the first--I read on a woman with Crohn's who talked about having Crohn's, but then further about how going into medicine for physicians is about the power to serve. And I read an essay written by a pastor who has Parkinson's where he has a positive attitude, but ends the essay with "Damn it." My thoughts exactly! I love how this book, with these short essays, is a calming force. I read about how some people spend so much time praying or meditating. I guess this is my way of doing that. If I were to pray or meditate for a long period of time, especially in the morning (thanks, Valium), I am pretty sure I would fall asleep! :)

Now, I suppose I should go post a review on Amazon or something. Then again, maybe not. Too many things to do, too little time. So if anyone actually reads this, you should buy the book! It doesn't really matter if you are religious or not. And, like I said, Tom Brokaw wrote the Forward!!


Stuart said...

It would be nice to allow me to post your : the life of meaning" to my blog, via my website:
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Joan said...

Thank you for that book recommendation. I'll look for it because it looks like something that I need right now.

ms'er faith said...

I haven't registered, but I will so I can continue to procrastinate doing schoolwork! Thanks for the recommendation! Beth

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