Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why walk?

Someone asked me "Why walk?" today.  It's not the first time this has happened.  So I got to thinking, maybe I should, instead of trying to explain it, turn the question.  Why do you walk?  Why does anyone walk?  Why don't we all get wheelchairs and sit?

Things would be a lot easier this way.  This way, people would be at more of the same height, I mean, relative to if we all stand.  We could all see the world from the same height, and we could wonder, what is above us?

If we all used wheelchairs, we could totally eliminate stairs!  Ramps would be everywhere, and no one would have to take a special route to get anywhere.

Prices for all the stuff needed would go way down!  Bonus!  Think cars...  they'd all be made so wheelchairs fit.

This is sounding fantastic!  Order the wheelchairs!!


People would wonder what is up there. People would realize that ramps are long.  Shoulder repair surgery would go up.  Leg cramps would increase.  There would be even fewer stalls in womens' restrooms (reason enough!).  We would need more elevators.  The obesity epidemic might get worse.  And there is more.

Perhaps everyone should spend a day in a wheelchair first, to try it out.  It may not be so popular.

Then people may realize why they walk. There are so many reasons.

Why walk?  Look in the mirror.  Why do you walk?


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