Friday, May 3, 2013

Half full

Since I changed jobs and got new health insurance, I've been to a couple different providers.  I went back to physical therapy at the place where I got my Bioness.  The physical therapist (PT) who used to work with me there has another job, so I had a new PT.  Any new provider makes me nervous - what if they aren't any good?  It's never happened with a PT.

I went into this appointment because I'm not quite sure what to do next. I know what I would like to do next, but I don't know how to get there, and a neurologist I saw didn't exactly inspire me.  I guess I was feeling like this is it, because he said I shouldn't be continuing to get better.  You'd think it's the placebo effect, but a co-worker said, "well, that's one hell of a placebo effect!"

So I walked in and what I love about this place is that no one ever looks at me like I am a total freak... to them, I am walking in as if I am anyone else.  The PT went through my whole case with me.  The thing about the PTs with whom I have worked is this: they are always positive and encouraging - they point out the positive, not the negative.  The glass is always at least half full.

She tested me on many things, pointing out, "see, that works," as opposed to what doesn't work, which seems like the focus of many.

"See, I bend when I walk," I said.  She explained why and what kinds of things might help.

Now if you are a person without a disability, or with a disability, but you can walk and get up, do this: go get a chair.  I realize some of you may try this after reading the whole blog and that's ok, but it's just more effective if you try what I say now.

So, you have a chair.  Sit.  Good dog.  That is not very funny but I couldn't resist. 

Now, your knees should form 90 degree angles.

Now................  stand up!  Easy, right.  Sit back down.  Good dog. (not funny)

Now, move your feet 3 o 5 inches awat from where they were previously.  Now stand.  It should be more difficult to get upnow, but try to get up.  Now you are using your quads to get up, and it's more difficult.

For the past few years I've been getting up with my legs way out.  The PT discovered this for me and said "so much is involved in standing.  I agree.

So now I stand differently and know I can do it.  You use your calf muscles.  I am optimistic.  I have goals.  I know I need to go back to PT regularly.

It's all the small stuff around us, and the small stuff hopefully turns into big stuff.

It's truly a wonderful how things are working, as God smiles.


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