Saturday, July 16, 2011


"Beth, I have bad news for you. Your car has oil leaks everywhere and we're not sure we can get them all out. You also need an expensive new timing belt. It's just not worth fixing your car."

And so began the search for a new car. I love the Subarus, but they raised the trunks of all crossover vehicles so I couldn't lift my wheelchair in (mostly because of my defunct shoulder). So there went that solution. No crossovers? Now what? And so, someone noticed that mini-vans all have lower trunks. I don't consider myself a mini-van person, whatever that is, but as I watched mini-vans drive down the road, I just couldn't envision myself behind the wheel of one.

They don't make many mini-vans. Also, due to the tragedy in Japan, availability of everything is down due to no parts.

Down to limited choice of mini-vans, we looked at several. Was the seat too high? Did the trunk have an open and shut button (I'm still glad I cycled up Vail Pass even though now I have shoulder needs added to leg needs). Is there a handle to grab when getting in the car? We eliminated the need for 4 wheel drive. Finally we found the best option. But then there was the car dealership calling me 3 times a day. This is a problem because half the time my phone is lost and the other half of the time it's in my car and I am somewhere else. The solution: use a broker who has been recommended to you!

Found a van, then found it had hail damage. Found another van. Now I needed hand controls and the place installing them wasn't returning calls - it was strange. Finally a different place installed them.

The van was ready! Just as I received an unexpected, unrelated phone call at work, I heard rain start to come down in sheets. Maybe this van was not meant to happen. The phone call ended; the rain slowed, and finally I was off to get in my car. In the middle of the parking lot, lightening and thunder hit. The phone call threw me. But somehow I was off to get the van.

Getting the van was the easy part. Now we're figuring out how to get it in the garage because it is just huge. It's seems so big that we're naming it Monstro (the whale from Pinocchio).

But inside Monstro, life is nice. I get free satellite radio for 3 months. I found a comedy station and then hit gold - the 80s! Listening to this music, I realize it is not quite as amazing as when I was a teenager, yet I crank it up and sing. I imagine I look ridiculous going down the road like this and create comedy for anyone who looks. That's ok - I got to sing "Never Surrender" and "Give a Little Bit of Heart and Soul." I never realized how cheesy this stuff is either, but that's ok. Def Leopard has some songs. Life is good.

Monstro is just fine. But in my next life, where I am still running, I want a Smart car. Those are awesome. And who knows - I still may run so maybe I'll get Smart car too, in this life.


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Clare said...

We had to pick wisely for our new card, to make sure boot could hold my wheelchair.
Glad you found something xx