Sunday, May 15, 2011


MS Walk/Roll/Combo recap, in a way...

Family and friends who came - they are the best.

How strange is to bring the walker in addition to having the wheelchair?

And there was the Ampyra tent - it was swamped - the place to be.
That was exciting.
Telling a person working what a wonder it has been - all the positive things.

And he said...
"Does it help your stamina?"

Yes, that's it - stamina!
I walk better, faster - everything is different now.
That's pretty amazing, faster, better, keeping going because

Most days I don't feel like eating until about 4pm.
I have trouble sleeping - I have bad leg spasms.

The stress of the last month has been incredible
and I have to keep it to myself
but it has hurt.

It would normally cause an MS attack,
as continually be "slammed to the floor"
by various things which I can't control
does that.

I've had the pre-attack fatigue where I go to bed early.
But Ampyra kicks in for my legs
and I wake up to a new day.

I can walk further,
I can withstand the insomnia.

But mostly, I have the stamina to somehow take the
boom, boom, boom nature of life, from everywhere
pop a pill, and I'm back.

It's been 11 months since an attack.
On that beautiful day, slightly cool, bright sun,
surrounded by family, friends, and all the others who were there.

We came together as community.
It's beautiful.
I wish this beauty could be transferred.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed it is beautiful!