Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lovely Lori

February 20 is my daughter, Lori's, birthday. It's hard to believe she is 7. I always wanted to have a daughter, and 7 years ago, the dream came true.

Almost 8 years ago, I decided I couldn't get pregnant. Immediately after that decision, I discovered I was pregnant. I knew that not only would the pregnancy be difficult, but so would the reactions of people. So I waited as long as possible to tell people. My husband knew right away and I'll never forget the cute little grin and hug he gave me.

One doctor told me I needed to go off all medications for 6 months before attempting to get pregnant. I chose to research my medications, and take an educated risk. By the time I told this doctor I was pregnant, I was more than halfway there.

I remember spending most of my pregnancy being really scared. I was scared to tell my rehab doc. To him, I blurted it out. Typical of him, he paused, removed his glasses, looked me in the eyes, and said a heartfelt "Congratulations." He would be the one who would follow me for the remainder of the pregnancy, to make sure I was ok physically.

I was afraid to tell family and friends, although most were supportive. I was most afraid to tell my dad, and heard through others that he was not happy.

But the miracle of Lori occurred. Doctors thought I would need a c-section but I didn't. I ignored typical advice to go back on MS medications after delivery, and I did fine.

And I have this dream child. Of course on her last night of being 6, she had the attitude of a 13 year at some points, the emotions of a 3 year old at other points, and the very sweet little girl about to turn 7, who is my favorite.

Thanks be to God for the miracle of Lori.

And as a sidenote which should have its own entry, thanks for the miracle of Robert's successful surgery.

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Clare said...

Happy Birthday Lori.