Saturday, November 15, 2008


One of my mentors spoke and wrote on his mentors, so I thought I'd write on mine. Here are the mentors who have had the greatest impact on my life, "saints," who have given me the gift of grace.

My mom, my rock, who before I could understand, showed me true love, and then as I grew up, became my best friend--who she still is today.

My coaches. Coach Luckasen, who showed me that if I make a seemingly impossible goal, I CAN achieve it. Coach Gomez, who showed me that I can reach my goals by breaking the big goal into little pieces, conquering each piece, one at a time. Coach Charlie, who helped me to see that I am and will always be an athlete, and who also became a friend with whom I can share tremendous sarcasm, smile, and laughter.

My doctors. Dr. Schermer, who (is making me cry now) looked me so many times directly in the eye with driving compassion, and helped me to continue to believe in myself. Dr. Mulica, who paused to ask if I was ok, who continues to pause when I see him, and who "gets it" with MS, points to my head, and tells me that my mind drives me where I want it to go.

A few pastors. BE Palmer, who was there and prayed for me shortly after I was diagnosed with MS, when I first felt the great presence of God, there, holding me. Pastor Joe, who somehow, some way, brought faith back as an important presence in my life.

And in keeping with the format of the mentor who got me to write this, the Trinity--God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, for helping me to feel that presence, for reaching me a year ago when I was desperate, for showing me peace, for leading me to ask for help when I needed help, and for maintaining that presence.

Thanks be to God.

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Clare said...

Wonderful post. Thanks be to God.