Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Full Circle

My hands 

Have served me well

My hands

Found their way over piano and flute keys to make beautiful music

Brought music into my soul

Left those keys when there was an unexplained loss of feeling in my fingers  

My hands 

Carried coffee cups through parking lots, into work

Reached out and steadied me by touching walls when I lost my balance or tripped

Held a walking stick to steady me instead of holding a coffee cup... the day I realized I needed a new way to walk into work, without a coffee cup

My hands

Pushed a baby stroller when my daughter was young, as a way to transport her safely while I walked

Gripped a walker and pushed on the walker’s brakes when I needed more balance than one walking stick could give me, and to transport my very young daughter who liked to get a ride

Learned how to transport me via wheelchair when a wheelchair became the beautiful way I could live my life, including with my daughter sitting on my lap

Continued to grip walker handles, sometimes only for a few steps and many times when it was more about holding my body up than about giving me balance

My hands

Maneuvered crutches when my teenage daughter coaxed me to take a few steps away from the wall, into the large sea of the floor, to convince me that I no longer needed to hang onto every wall

Gripped walking sticks when I transitioned away from my walker because I had found my balance again

Alternated holding one walking stick when I transitioned from two walking sticks to one

My hands

Have reached for water, reached toward walls

Have pulled me through water, pulled me toward walls

of the swimming pool as I strengthened my core over the last few years

My hands 

Now hold walking sticks in the air as I challenge myself to keep walking without letting the walking sticks touch the ground

Now want to reach out as a matter of habit when I walk around my house

Now no longer need to reach out around the house because I have found my balance

My hands

Are unsure what to do as I stand without assistance

Are unclear what to do as I start to navigate the world without assistance

Find themselves awkwardly dangling themselves in the air 

My hands

Wonder if they someday will carry coffee cups across a parking lot

My hands

Have returned to those piano and flute keys because I can feel my fingers again  

Now find their way over the keys to make beautiful music 

Bring music into my soul 

My hands



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Corey said...

Beautifully said. Your progress is amazing. Ou are an inspiration to us all.